Grooming a Horse with Lisa Murphy

Basic grooming
Mane and tail care
Picking feet
Techniques for handling feet and legs

Trail Course Practice Fundraiser

Make a contribution of $25 (or more) to Mustangs to the Rescue and receive access to Sky Hawk Ranch’s trail course and trails on Saturday evening from 4pm until sunset. The Trail Course will be set up for practice or you can go for a recreation ride around the ranch!

Cost is per horse.

$15 of the event fee goes to Sky Hawk Ranch; for use of the facility.

For more information about Mustangs to the Rescue visit

Tying a Horse Safely with Lisa Murphy

Where to Tie
When to tie and when not to tie
Quick release knot
Communication techniques with a tied horse
Intro to Grooming

Catching, Haltering and Leading a horse safely with Lisa Murphy

Review Join-up
Safe Haltering technique
Fitting and tying halter
DO’s and Don’ts of leading
Discuss issues that can come up when leading
Hand Grazing techniques

Body Language and Two-way Communication with Lisa Murphy

Learn how to influence a horse in a positive manner through body language
Decipher what the horse is communicating to us
Concept of join up
Curiosity vs. fear