Each year, over 100,000 horses are trucked over our borders to be slaughtered.  Slaughter is a brutal and terrifying end for horses.  Horses are shipped in overcrowded trucks, for over 24 hours at a time — without food, water, or rest. They are often seriously injured or die in transit.

The unwanted horse.  The abused horse.  The neglected horse.  The horse whose loving owner had died and didn’t have an after plan.  The horse whose owner suffered financial hardship.  These are the horses we help.

The mission of Mustangs To The Rescue, an all-breed, all-volunteer, 501c3 non-profit equine rescue, is to positively impact the community we serve by supporting horses, their owners and potential owners, with assistance, resources and educational opportunities, thus improving the lives of horses and humans in our community.

Mustangs to the Rescue was founded by Kate Beardsley. As a professional horse trainer, riding instructor, wrangler and program director, Kate has numerous years of experience working in veterinarian clinics and served as board member with several equestrian groups including Oregon Equestrian Trails, Back Country Horsemen of Oregon and Central Oregon Wild Horse Coalition among others. Privately funded by herself and special donors in the past, the rescue incorporated officially as Mustangs to the Rescue in 2012 and became an official 501c3 in June of 2014.


Mustangs To The Rescue because this organization not only rescue horses, but also their humans – Mustangs to the Rescue


Board of Directors & Staff

President: Linda Conrad

Vice President: Vacant

Secretary: Catherine Forbes

Treasurer: Sonja Chernishov

Executive Director/Founder: Kate Beardsley


Staff: Like our Executive Director and Board of Directors, we are an all-volunteer organization

Mailing Address: Mustangs to the Rescue, 21670 McGilvray Road, Bend, OR 97702

Office: 541-330-8943
Please understand that our phone is monitored by …

Our Mission

  • To help horses in need by providing positive options for both horses and their owners
  • To help our local community by providing horse owners and potential horse owners with assistance, educational opportunities and resources to ensure safe and secure homes for our equine partners