Bandit Springs Trails Weekend 2019!


2019 Still Prineville Trails Weekend

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Hope to see you there.

Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue Course PDX

The Awareness Level TLAER Course is helpful for horse and livestock owners and handlers, all first responders, and anyone with an elevated risk of encountering large animals. Not just for Rescue Teams & First Responders, the course is targeted to the equestrian community at large. YOU!!

This engaging course includes Horse Trailer Safety, Fire Prevention, Trail Emergencies and Networking concepts that benefit all members of our community.

Worldwide authority Dr Rebecca Gimenez presents in a “no holds barred” manner that will find you laughing out loud while astonished at what you’re learning. Mustangs To The Rescue makes sure each participant gets plenty of Hands On time with equipment so you can go home better prepared than when you arrived.

Imagine if just ONE person on each trail ride, at each horse show, driving by each overturned semi of animals on the interstate, had attended just ONE course – we will save lives!

Be That Person!

Clinic Details:
* Day 1: 1-27-2019 (Sunday) Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel and starts at 10 am.
* Day 2: 1-28-2019. Nearby indoor arena for hands on learning.

Course cost is $200 per person if registered by December 31st, 2018.

Attendance Certificates provided at course completion

Checks to MTTR may be mailed to 21670 McGilvray Road, Bend, OR 97702

PayPal address is

Please mark TLAER in notes.

Questions can be directed to our facebook event page, to, or to 541-350-2406. another way to support Mustangs To The Rescue!

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Seeking ink & toner cartridges to recycle!

Mustangs to the Rescue has partnered with Funding Factory to help recycle ink and toner cartridges! How can you help? You can go to our goal page on their site and print a shipping label to send in your cartridges yourself, or you can drop them off at the barn (additional locations to be announced). You can even order boxes to have near the printer in your office for toner cartridges. Just put them in the box when you change them out and when it’s full, print a label, seal the box and send it in.
Keep those cartridges out of the landfill AND earn some cash to support our horses! Talk about a win win!
**Please look on the Funding Factory website to make sure the cartridges you have are indeed recyclable before sending them in.
How cool is that?