August Trail Course Playday Fundraiser

Save the date! Saturday, August 1st is a great day to come practice your trail course maneuvering skills on the trail course at Rolling M Ranch in Sisters, then participate in a friendly competition to win a little cash. — WEATHER PERMITTING !!

Training your horse to maneuver through and over various trail course obstacles will also teach him to calmly negotiate many, if not most, natural obstacles found out on the trail. As a bonus you’ll discover your own horsemanship skills will sharpen, which in turn will fine-tune your horse’s response to cues.

You do not have to participate in the competition in order to practice!  Check out the details at

Trail Course Playday

Searching for a new home

6.7.15 – Sienna‘s adopter has doctor’s orders to stop riding, so Sienna came back to us at Mustangs To The Rescue. Here, Anwen hops on for a short bareback ride for Sienna’s first time being ridden in months. We’re hopeful we find Sienna another great home soon.  Call and speak with our adoption coordinator at 541-330-8943

Parade Day

Parade Day! We meet the sunrise with decorating supplies so we can share our message with our community. Mustangs To The Rescue is entry #41 in the Crooked River Roundup parade that starts at 10 am in Prineville on Saturday, June 27th. We’ll display some of our service work and have some adoptable horses in the parade. Hot Shot, Amaretto, and ‘Shone will be having their first parade experience. We’ll also be reminding people about our Bandit Springs Trails Weekend coming up on July 10 – 12th. You are encouraged to come show your support and enjoy the sights and sounds. Fun in Prineville today.

It’s summertime & the grazing is easy…

Today, adoptable geldings, HazMat & Handsome began enjoying the sweet delicious grass of a pasture being generously donated to MTTR for part of the summer. Here’s a special note of gratitude for those in our community that are able to give some of our horses a chance to pasture.

Pasture Time

It’s that wonderful time of year when some of our horses get to have delicious pasture time. Thank you, Black Diamond Ranch, for allowing our special girls to summer in your pasture.

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