We’ve Moved!

So we know you all have been wondering why we haven’t shared our new address with the world. Reason: unlike our old location, which was a business, the new location is a private home, behind a locked gate.

The home owner is very generously sharing her facility with us and until we can get procedures and protocols in place we want to make sure that the home owner is not inundated with people wandering onto the property for a “look see”.

We know you are all excited to come see the new place and as soon as we are able we will host a Barn Warming Party, but for now we’d thought we would let you know that we have moved to Tumalo.

Now more than ever we ask that anyone wanting to come check out the adoptables to please call for an appointment 541-330-8943.  Due to the unpredictable nature of our work, coupled with an all volunteer crew who have jobs outside of their work here, we do not have set hours of operation. We respectively ask that ALL visitors request an appointment in advance of their expected visit.

Please understand; there is a LOT of work to do at the place, it has years of deferred-maintenance, plus the usually work involved in running a rescue, and caring for the horses is our top priority so please be patient with us returning your calls as we rarely have time to return calls during daylight hours.

With the larger location we are in need of additional volunteers, so if you are interested in joining our crew, please email info@MustangsToTheRescue.org

In the meantime, please note that our new mailing address is: Mustangs to the Rescue, 64682 Cooks Ave #122, Tumalo, OR 97703-9033