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Equine Rescue Program

Rescuing horses is one of the most challenging yet rewarding programs we offer to our community.

Established to help prevent abuse, neglect and abandonment of at-risk horses, our Rescue Program works with community members, as well as local, state and national authorities to discover at-risk horses and encourage people to re-home horses they can no longer care for properly.

Horses accepted into our Equine Rescue Program are horses that we feel, with the proper retraining and rehabilitation, we will be able to rehome – we simply do not have the capacity to provide long-term sanctuary for unwanted horses.

Once rescued, the horse(s) are transported to Mustangs to the Rescue or a pre-approved foster home.

Mustangs to the Rescue is not funded by any local, state or government entity. Paying for hay, feed, medical, farrier, dental and transportation expenses is a constant struggle and we rely on the financial support of individuals and businesses.

Our experienced volunteers consult with licensed healthcare professionals, farriers and alternative therapy practitioners to determine the proper care for all horses. Horses in our care receive proper nutrition, physical and behavioral therapies and lots of love and tlc.  Once rescued, experienced horsemen and women with strong equestrian skills work with the horses in our rehabilitation and retraining program.

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