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5 days ago

Central Oregonians - don't forget - it's Mustang Day at HOP & BREW in Sisters! When you stop in for lunch or dinner, just tell them you're there for the Mustangs and they're record your purchase and share the proceeds with MTTR. Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

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7 days ago

Horse Trailers, Loading, and Trailering! From our perspective, the topic of this clinic really deserves attention! Consider attending this April 29th clinic - you'll learn new things and help a worthy rescue organization. Check it out. ... See MoreSee Less

Do you want to improve your trailer backing skills? Do you have a teenager about ready to start hauling their own horse? Want to learn more about trailer wiring and maintenance? SIgn up know for the H...

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1 week ago

Friends, please take a moment to learn a little about a particular rescue situation being handled by Strawberry Mtn Mustangs near Roseburg, Oregon. So many people think rescue facilities are full of problem horses. We know this is not the case and this story is a good example of the reality.of rescue.
Please - make a PLAN for your animals - put them in your will, have their paperwork accessible, arrange with friends and family for their care, be responsible when finding them a new home if you need to move them on, make their proper care a priority (which, by the way, you became legally required to do the moment you acquired them). Be part of their success, not the driving force of failure.
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Last weekend we welcomed two new stallions to the rescue. This 11 year old imported Fell Pony (positively identified via microchip as Lownthwaite Chatterbox) and his 8-10 year old Gypsy friend (simpl...

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2 weeks ago

Monday was a landmark day at Mustangs To The Rescue. Every single halter - trained horse was taken on a trail excursion of some kind. Whether ridden, ponied, or hiked with, 30 horses got out of their pens and relaxed on the trail. Only 4 horses who have yet to be gentled or halter - trained stayed in for the day.
About a dozen individuals volunteered their time to make this happen. We are happy to provide as much enrichment for these animals as possible. Let's hope for more great days!
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