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Make sure you can afford and properly care for a horse before acquiring one ->>  Responsible Horse Ownership

Henneke Body Scoring – The Henneke horse body condition scoring system is a numerical scale developed at Texas A&M University with the goal of creating a universal scale to assess horses’ bodyweight. Scores range from 1 to 9 with one being poor and nine being extremely fat; the ideal range for most horses is from 4 to 6.  Henneke Body Scoring Chart

Oregon Hay Bank – Provides assistance with feed, veterinary care, gelding, dental, as well as rescue and equine care educational programs. To apply for assistance phone: 541-482-5550,  Website:

Equine Community Resources – is a needs based service organization committed to helping horses and their two-legged families experiencing personal or short-term financial difficulties in caring for their horses.

Strawberry Mountain Mustangs – an all breed rescue and rehailitation center located in Southern Oregon

Front Range Equine – horse owners assistance programs

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Equine Rescue Network 
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Additional Sites
After the Finish Line
Donate My Horse.Com 
The Equine Protection Network
Equine Rescue Network
The Equus Foundation
Friends of Ferdinand
The Maryland Horse Council Unwanted Horse Project
The Maryland Fund for Horses
National Equine Welfare Council (UK)
Thoroughbred Charities of America



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What to do if you suspect animal abuse or neglect

Report Horse Abuse and Neglect the first time you see it!

Note: Equine Rescues do not have the authority to seize animals, only Animal Control and Law Enforcement have that authority.

Don’t wait for someone else… Report Animal Abuse and Neglect!

Document and report everything as well as you can. Take note of times, dates, descriptions of …