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How to Adopt

Mustangs to the Rescue’s adoption process is a lengthy, extensive process designed to ensure that any horse we place will be going to a long-term, loving and caring home. We care too much for these horses, spent too much time and emotional energy caring for ‘our’ horses, through their rescue, rehabilitation and retraining and are very selective with our applicants to ensure that not only is it a good match but that it is the right match for both the adopter and the horse.

These horses are not sold to the highest bidder, nor do we randomly dole out horses to just anyone who offers a home.  Our adoption process can be a lengthy process so if you are in a hurry, or just want to ‘pay your money and get a horse’ we suggest you look elsewhere.

How to Adopt:

  1. Call our Adoption Coordinator at 541-350-2406 to schedule a time to meet with a Mustangs to the Rescue representative for an interview. Our adoption coordinator will be in touch with you. Please be patient! Besides arranging adoptions, she is also in charge of the horses full time care and training.  If you haven’t received a reply within five business days, please send a follow-up email to
  2. You will be asked to share your past experience with horses and to discuss your needs and desires around adopting a horse. Be ready to answer questions such as:
    1. Can you afford to own a horse? Can you afford a horse means more than just paying the adoption fee!
    2. Where will you keep it? We’ll need details regarding ownership of the facility, information about shelter and fencing.
    3. Do you have the resources and knowledge, or support, to properly care for the horse?
    4. What sort/type of activities do you plan to do with the horse?
    5. What will you do if my horse gets sick? Who do you turn to when your horse get sick? Can you afford the vet bills?
    6. How long do you plan to keep the horse?
  3. Next, plan to visit with our adoption coordinator at our facility and do a Meet and Greet so you can meet our available horses. This initial meeting goes a long way to let us, and you, know whether or not you might be the right forever family for a horse you’ve seen online or at an Event.
  4. If the decision is made to move forward with the adoption, a Mustangs to the Rescue representative will then do a “site inspection” at your barn or boarding facility of choice.  References will be checked (boarding facility, veterinarian, farrier, personal)
  5. Once you and your boarding facility (or own farm) have been approved, your adoption may be finalized and transportation may be arranged for your horse(s) to be moved to their new home.

Please realize that even if you are a great home, if we feel it is not a great match, we will not approve your desired adoption.

No room for a horse?

Consider making a reoccurring donation instead – Any amount helps us to provide, feed, veterinary and farrier care to the horses in our care.

What is the Adoption Fee?

Our standard adoption fees is $500 and in some cases can be waived. Adoption fees help us offset costs incurred during the often long rehabilitation process, and helps us to continue with our mission.


Just FYI: Not all of our adoptables are listed; running an all volunteer rescue takes a LOT of time and we just haven’t had the time to post pics and info.  Give us a call if you are seriously looking for your next equine partner…