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Stardust – 2007 Sheldon Nevada Mare – Adopted!


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This 6 year old chestnut and white overo Sheldon Nevada mare is a jaw dropping beauty with a GREAT personality! Known as the Pixie, StarDust wants nothing more than to interact with people.

StarDust is a Sheldon Wildlife Refuge mustang. This means that she is not branded because the US Fish & Wildlife Service does not brand. Sheldon horses and BLM-recognized wild horses interact and cross over management boundaries on a daily basis. However, Sheldon horses do not enjoy the protection that BLM horses do. All horses residing on Sheldon Wildlife Refuge are slated for removal. StarDust’ mother Shasta was captured while pregnant with StarDust, so she has been with people her whole life.

She has been handled extensively but only ridden a handful of times.. At about 14.2 hands, StarDust could be an ideal mount for Pony Club, 4H, or an active trail riding home for a smaller adult. Born March 29, 2007 to the bay Sheldon mare, Shasta.