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Adopted – Horse Rescue Stories

Running an equine rescue organization can be challenging and rewarding, and this is why we do what we do:

Ali – Adopted!

Well, it took us a year, but it was worth the wait. Congrats to Ali on finding her perfect 13 year old girl! We know Sasha & Ali will have many adventures together (because we plan to take them with us!).

Bart – Adopted!

Congratulations to Bart and to Mandi! Bart now lives near Newport Beach, CA with Mandi and her other appaloosas. We expect to see Bart with Mandi on the Chief Joseph Trail Ride next year in Montana. Safe and Happy Trails, Bart

Bart is about 14.3 and very slightly …

Bebe – Adopted!

5.17.15 – Congrats to Bebe on her new home with Steve & Robin Mock of Goldendale, WA! Bebe will be a trail riding horse and be used in a community program.

Please Note: Adopting a horse is a very big commitment that lasts for many years. Horses have …

Bitzy – Adopted!

Update!!  ADOPTED! July 2015, we delivered our mini mare, Bitsy, to her new loving home where she will be the right-sized horse for this adorable tot. Congrats to all!



This absolutely lovely mini mare is well trained to drive! Trained & handled most of her life by a knowledgeable horse person, …

Blaze – Adopted

One of the Jefferson County Horses, Blaze is headed to a foster home, where she will stay with her baby until weaned.  She is available for adoption.

Cheyenne – Adopted

Updates soon

Coal – Adopted!

ADOPTED 12.5.13 – 6 year old, friendly 15 h mare ready to advance in training

Cutie aka QT or “Just a QT” – Adopted!

To add to the New Year Celebration, Cutie has been adopted! Named “Just a QT” because she was supposed to be with us only for quarantine after being pulled from the kill pen, this lovely, kind, and competent mustang mare turned out to be an outrageously good family animal. She struck it rich with a …

Eby June – Adopted!

Eby June’s 81 year old owner wanted to find a new home for her lovely registered Foxtrotter mare. 15 hands, 23 years old.  This 23 year old adoptable horse stood rock solid for mounting & was a pleasure on the trail. Nicely gaited, this mare deserves a light trail riding home to begin her golden years.

GiGi – Adopted!

GiGi: 16 year old branded Nevada mustang mare. Sabino sorrel, 15 hands.
With 10 owners behind her, GiGi is slow to trust new people. She has been ridden a bit on the trails and has been packed during hunting season quite a bit. GiGi is now in fine weight …

Giraffe – Adopted!

Big News! Not only did Jiraffe make the cover of the northwest endurance group’s newsletter, but his foster care provider has decided to adopt him! Julie plans to pursue multi-day endurance rides with this mustang/arab gelding and may just have some Tevis dreams in their future. Wherever they ride, we are sure it will be …

Goose – Adopted!

more info soon

Handsome – now Spirit – Adopted!

Handsome is a 7 year old mostly Arabian horse who was gelded as a 6 year old after a law enforcement seizure. He was ridden before the seizure, but since then he has only been ponied on the trail, which he loves, lunged, and walked. He is a very sporty horse and 15.1 hands tall. …

Her Victory aka Junior – Adopted

more info soon

Hot Shot – Adopted!

Congratulations are in order! After fostering him for months, Claudia officially adopted Hot Shot. He looks forward to being an active trail and pack horse in 2016. Happy New Year to them both!

Huckleberry – Adopted

more info soon

Indigo – Adopted!

Indigo is a 14 year old, 14+ hand arab/quarter horse mare. Easy to ride down the trail, Indigo is game & ready. Appropriate for a rider with some experience and confidence, Indigo will reflect the rider’s state of mind with shocking accuracy.

Compatibility: Good with Most Horses
Personality: Average Energy, Average Temperament

Indy – Adopted!


This 7 year old South Steens mustang gelding seeks adventure!

Jazzy – Adopted!

CONGRATULATIONS are in order for Jazzy & Jordanna! We hauled Jazzy to her new loving home today. She’ll have time to settle in before having her much anticipated baby. We’re very excited – These two are meant to be together.

Juneau – Adopted!

This beautiful mustang mare was removed from a kill pen on January 1, 2015. Today, precisely one year later, we finalized her adoption by her primary care provider. Tammy, you did an outstanding job caring for Juneau during her quarantine and you’ve just never stopped caring for her. Thank you. Your commitment is inspiring to …

Kelly – Adopted!

CONGRATULATIONS to Colleen for her adoption of Kelly! Colleen had been this horse’s caretaker for years and always adored him. We are thrilled that Kelly got to go home!


Koala – Adopted!

Koala is a 9 year old titled Nevada mustang gelding

Little Bug

more info soon

Magnolia – Adopted!

One of the Jefferson County Horses, Magnolia aka Sprite, was in foster care and is now headed to her new home!


Milo – BLM Mule – Adopted!

We’re pleased to announce that Milo the 3 year old 13 hand wild-bred BLM mustang Mule has traveled up to the Yakima Valley in Washington to his new home. Milo and Shiela are perfect for each other! We had an enjoyable delivery trip and look forward to many progress reports. Congrats Shiela & Milo!

Monkey – Adopted!


This 2010 Maynard Alves bred QH filly is available. Her owners loved her, but times are tough and they lovingly gave her up before they failed her. She’s sweet, quiet, and cute as a Chipmunk which is why we call her “Monkey”.

This young mare is a VERY NICE horse! 3 years old, ridden …

Mulan – Adopted!

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Kathy on her adoption of Mulan Bey! Mulan was delivered to her new home in Bandon-By-The-Sea on March 19th. It’s a long haul over there, we arrived late in the evening, and all our photos are too dark. So this one of Mulan during a ride will have to do. We look forward to …

Nicki – Adopted!

 Nicki is an 11 year old haflinger gelding. Ridden as a 3 and 4 year old, Nicki has just been started again. This 14 hand tank of a horse is ideal for someone who wants experience training a green horse while hitting the trails on a strong quiet horse.

Compatibility: Good …

Prairie Rose – Adopted!

After being in a loving foster home for the better part of a year, Prairie Rose has been adopted! Her new home is filled with love for her. Here’s the moment that her 11 year old human took part in her formal adoption. Congrats all the way around!

Shasta – Adopted!

9 year old Mare from Sheldon Wildlife Refuge

From the Sheldon Wildlife Refuge, Lovely, Quiet, Strong. Update: 9.6.15 – Shasta gets to be in a foster home for a little while. Thank you, Sharon, for looking out for her.

Shone – Adopted!

 ‘Shone (rhymes with pony) is 14 years old and 14 hands high who has recovered after being seized by law enforcement. A beautiful grulla mare of unknown breeding, ‘Shone is comfortable being saddled and ponied down the trail. We believe she’s been ridden before, but we have not yet begun her saddle training. …

Stardust – 2007 Sheldon Nevada Mare – Adopted!


This 6 year old chestnut and white overo Sheldon Nevada mare is a jaw dropping beauty with a GREAT personality! Known as the Pixie, StarDust wants nothing more than to interact with people.

StarDust is a Sheldon Wildlife Refuge mustang. This means that she is not branded because the US …

Tico – Adopted!!

Vegas – Adopted!

Vegas: 7 year old Sheldon Nevada mustang gelding. Palomino, 15.1 hands. Vegas is a beautiful gelding who has been ridden a few times two years ago. His trainer then said he was great. He is now a favorite here. Extremely surefooted on the trail, Vegas’s dream home is an active rough country riding home. Despite …