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Equine Adoption Program

Each year Mustangs To The Rescue helps hundreds of previously unwanted, abused and neglected horses find adoptive homes.

Because we consider each horse that comes through our door as a member of our family, Mustangs to the Rescue want to ensure the horse that we place will be going to a long-term, loving and caring home.

Designed to assure that the adoption will be in the best interest of both the horse and the adopter, each step of our adoption process helps us identify if we have the right match.

We have spent countless hours getting to know each of our rescued horses’ individual temperament, training and needs and our process helps us get to know each adopter’s horse experience, skill level and the types of activities they like to do with the horse.

The application process requires several interviews, supervised equine interaction, veterinarian/farrier/trainer references as well as personal reference checks and site inspection.

Once adopted, Mustangs to the Rescue follows up with the new owners and references to check the status of the horse and insure that the adoption is working out for both the horse and adopter.


An annual update is also requested.


Adopters should expect our standard $500 adoption fee.


Occasionally a potential adopter is interested in a horse that just isn’t the right match and sometimes we don’t have a horse suitable for their needs.  It is no reflection on the adopter and should the ‘right’ horse arrive at our facility we will contact the adopter to meet the new horse.


Responsible Horse Ownership

How to Adopt

Mustangs to the Rescue’s adoption process is a lengthy, extensive process designed to ensure that any horse we place will be going to a long-term, loving and caring home. We care too much for these horses, spent too much time and emotional energy caring for ‘our’ horses, through their rescue, rehabilitation and retraining and are very selective with our …

Adoptable Horses

Before scrolling through our listings of Adoptable Horse please take a moment or two to visit our How to Adopt page to learn more about our adoption process.

Until we can find another website administrator please view the photo albums on our facebook page for more up-to-date list of adoptable horses.  You do not …

Adopted – Horse Rescue Stories

Running an equine rescue organization can be challenging and rewarding, and this is why we do what we do:

Adopt Don’t Shop

Rescued horses aren’t  used up or worthless.

Just because a horse is unwanted or neglected doesn’t make him worthless. Many may be sound, well-bred animals who landed in our care after their owners fell on hard times.

Some rescue horses are young, sound and can be trained for anything.

Rescue horses can lead full and …