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Each year, over 100,000 horses are trucked over our borders to be slaughtered.  Slaughter is a brutal and terrifying end for horses.  Horses are shipped in overcrowded trucks, for over 24 hours at a time — without food, water, or rest. They are often seriously injured or die in transit.

The unwanted horse.  The abused horse.  The neglected horse.  The horse whose loving owner had died and didn’t have an after plan.  The horse whose owner suffered financial hardship.  These are the horses we help. 

The purpose of Mustangs To The Rescue, an all-breed, all-volunteer, 501c3 non-profit equine rescue, is to positively impact the community we serve by supporting horses, their owners and potential owners, with assistance, resources and educational opportunities, thus improving the lives of horses and humans in our community.


In some way, every single day, let go of “daily distraction” and focus on someone or something meaningful…

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Equine Roles of Service

Part of our mission is to elevate the public’s view of wild horses by placing them in roles of service such as Search and Rescue, Packing Services and Mounted Patrols.

Our founder and Executive Director, Kate Beardsley, often uses her adopted horses in a pack-string to help raise funds for Mustangs to the Rescue; we …

Educational Outreach

As part of our mission, Mustangs to the Rescue’s goal is to help our local community by providing horse owners and potential horse owners with assistance, educational opportunities and resources to ensure safe and secure homes for our equine partners.

We believe that by providing educational opportunities that promote public education and awareness, develop …

Equine Rescue Program

Rescuing horses is one of the most challenging yet rewarding programs we offer to our community.

Established to help prevent abuse, neglect and abandonment of at-risk horses, our Rescue Program works with community members, as well as local, state and national authorities to discover at-risk horses and encourage people to re-home horses they can no …

Equine Rehabilitation and Retraining

We rehabilitate and re-train horses in order to facilitate their adoption into new homes. Our comprehensive program includes housing the horses, providing proper nutrition, veterinary, dental and farrier care, while we determine the horse’s best potential and suitability to a new home. Experienced horsemen and women with strong equestrian skills work with the horses to …

Equine Adoption Program

Each year Mustangs To The Rescue helps hundreds of previously unwanted, abused and neglected horses find adoptive homes.

Because we consider each horse that comes through our door as a member of our family, Mustangs to the Rescue want to ensure the horse that we place will be going to a long-term, loving and caring …

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