Two more beauties out of the slaughter pipeline!


Mustangs to the Rescue took delivery on this bay mustang mare and chestnut pinto pony mare from Sunnyside, WA. The BLM Mustang Rescue Network managed to fund getting the mustang out of the kill pen and some individuals banded together to fund the pinto’s release. Our gratitude to Tami and Catherine for putting so much efforts into this project. Special thanks to our hauler, Corrine, who didn’t see any point in bringing home a trailer that wasn’t full.
The bay mustang is friendly and has clearly been cared for. The pinto has been used in a mule pony breeding pony and is quite leery of the two-legged. Both these mares will be in a hard quarantine for at least 60 days, After that, expect some updates while we get to know them – once rehabbed and retrained, they will be available for new homes.
Deep gratitude to our supporters who allow us to continue helping our community in this way.