Mustangs To The Rescue’s Tree of Hope Fundraiser

Virtual Christmas Tree copy 12 23 13Help the horses and have fun!  Buy an ornament or two as gifts and help decorate the Christmas Tree; scroll to the bottom of the page and purchase your ‘virtual’ decorations!

Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays!  Happy Hanukkah!  Happy Kwanza!

Regardless of how you celebrate the season; Mustangs to the Rescue is hoping you and your loved ones are having a wonderful holiday season and that everyone is safe, happy and warm!

This year one of our volunteers has come up with a unique fundraiser and gift giving idea that lets everyone participate!  She has set up a virtual Christmas tree; our Mustangs To The Rescue “Tree of Hope!

You can help us trim the online Christmas Tree by “purchasing” a virtual holiday decoration. Each night, she’ll add the donated virtual ornament or holiday gift icon to our “Tree of Hope” and your loved ones name and/or message to the page.

All funds raised will allow us to continue our mission of rescuing, helping and offering hope to abused, neglected and abandoned horses.

Help us help the horses while decorating our online “Tree of Hope!

It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s fun!

  • For as little as $5.00, you can put a Candy Cane on the tree
  • A donation of $10.00 you can put a Christmas Ball on the tree
  • A $15.00 donation you can put a Christmas stocking on the tree
  • A $20.00 donation you can put a Hay Bale under the tree!
  • A $50.00.00 donation you can put a very special Rocking Horse under the tree!
  • A $75.00 donation put a Horse Gift Basket under the tree!
  • A $200.00 donation puts 4 Presents for the Ponies under the tree!
  • A $500.00 donation put a Gold Star on top of the tree!  There is only 1 of these available!  You also earn a special honorary place of mention on our “Virtual Christmas Tree” page as a very special thank you!
  • Or select the GIFT CARD and you can choose the amount you wish to donate!
  • Each and every donation allows you to add a special holiday greeting!

Mustangs To The Rescue wishes to THANK YOU for your support and hope each and every one of you has a safe and Happy Holiday!

Warmest Wishes!

Mustangs To The Rescue Crew Members


Holiday Messages:

Give me food and drink; and care for me. And when the days work is done, shelter me. Give me a clean bed and leave me not too small a place in the stable. Talk to me, for your voice often takes the place of reins. Be good to me and I shall serve you more gladly and love you.


To help the horses and help us decorate the tree, scroll down and purchase your ‘virtual’ decoration!


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