Sisters horse rescue gets nonprofit status

Mustangs to the Rescue, (MTTR) located on Cloverdale Road, has received a letter of determination awarding the organization 501(c)(3) nonprofit status.

Executive Director Kate Beardsley is pleased with both the outcome and the speed at which it was obtained.

“We submitted the paperwork December, 2013 and in June learned that the IRS was a year behind in processing applications,” she said. “The very next day we received notification that our nonprofit application had been approved. We were ecstatic.”

Mustangs to the Rescue’s goals are to help horses in need, help the local community with educational opportunities and resources to ensure safe and secure homes for horses, assist government agencies in managing horse populations, wild or otherwise, and to elevate the public’s view of wild horses by placing them in roles of service, such as search and rescue, packing services and mounted patrols. Beardsley regularly trains and uses adoptable horses to carry packs and assist in search operations.

MTTR currently has 20 horses in their program. Horses accepted into the program range from healthy horses needing new homes because of family situations to severely malnourished or abused horses needing months of rehabilitation.

“We are a heart-based organization,” said Beardsley. “Our focus is on giving horses a chance to live a good quality life.”

The nonprofit status will be a boon to the organization.

“We will be able to solicit grant monies to help offset program costs such as hay, medical care and education,” Beardsley said. “It’s a good thing.”

MTTR plans a celebratory event and open house in the near future.


Published in the Nugget News on 8/12/2014