Our letter to fellow outdoor enthusiasts

Hello fellow outdoor enthusiasts!

The event organizers of the upcoming Still Memorial Weekend would like to take this opportunity to inform our fellow outdoor enthusiasts of the planned dates of this event; to help avoid any conflicts in schedules.

The Still Memorial Weekend, scheduled for May 2nd, 3rd & 4th, 2014, will be based at the Skull Hollow Trailhead and Cyrus Horse Camp of the Crooked River Grasslands Recreational Area and utilize the Warner and Cole Loops.

Truly a community event; the Still Memorial Weekend includes three Endurance Rides, two trail challenge rides, an In-Hand Trail Competition for horses of any age, a Poker Ride, a recreational ride, a BBQ Dinner & Buckaroo Breakfast, several horse-related demos , food and refreshments – it’s a fun way to support multiple charitable causes right here in Central Oregon.

The Endurance Ride, formerly known as the Prineville Ride, started in 1971 by Cole & Charlotte Still as part of the Prineville Ridge Riders. The Prineville Ridge Riders renamed the ride last year to honor Cole and Charlotte Still, two local legends who dedicated much of their lives to the horses and specifically the sport of Endurance Riding. Mustangs to the Rescue is proud to be able to carry on this tradition and expand upon the activities offered in order to make it a fun filled weekend the whole family can enjoy.

We are sending this email to various organizations and groups that utilize the area in hopes to avoid any conflicts of schedules, whether for events or personal plans. There will be a high turnout of horse and riders as well as many vehicles and RVs that may cause congestion. Please be assured, the organizers have attained all the necessary permits from the Forest Service and will follow their guidelines carefully to maintain integrity and respect for the area. (The event does not utilize the Skull Hollow Campground and it will be open for business as usual!)

Signs are posted weeks ahead of time in order to notify other trail users of this event, and the trails are open to others during the event. Please be courteous and share the trail with any other users you encounter. In particular, please know what to do in the event that you encounter a horseback rider: stop, step to the side of the trail (the lower side if on a slope), and yield the trail to the horse. Also, talk to the rider to help put the horse at ease; say hello and ask whether it is okay to walk/ride past or whether you need to stand still.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance and know we would love to see any fan of the outdoors join the fun as a participant or as a spectator.

This event is a great family friendly activity full of pretty horses, excitement, demonstrations, information booths and food. We’re planning a BBQ Dinner Saturday night – Come Join us!

Mustangs to the Rescue is a 100% volunteer operated all breed rescue that focuses on giving animals the skills they need to attract new homes.

Visit: http://mustangstotherescue.org/ for more info


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