Jefferson County Horses

Update! Delivery Day! – October 13th saw 5 deliveries, 4 adoptions, and 2 foster homes.

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On June 5, 2013, four starving horses were seized from a Crooked River Ranch property and placed in our care; two of whom gave birth after shortly being rescued! They were under weight and we were not sure they were going to make it but they are now healthy and thriving, thanks to the love and vigilant care of our wonderful volunteers and the care from the veterinary staff of Cinder Rock Veterinary Clinic who provide care. This is their story…

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Upon arrival:

Blaze An aged mare received a Body Condition Score of 1.2 and is heavy with foal.

Cheyenne – A young mare gave birth during her first night at MTTR. She received a Body Condition Score of 1.8.
The colt named “Her Victory” is so small and his mother, Cheyenne, was in too poor of condition to produce enough milk after the initial colostrum, so he is being supplemented with goat milk several times daily.

Jazzy – received a Body Condition Score of 3.5. We assume Jazzy is pregnant but she is not close to foaling.

Impy – aka Impressive, is a fairly young stallion who is presumably the father of the mare’s foals. He was in the best condition with a BCS of 3.7.
July 9, 2013 – We welcomed Blaze’s little filly. Blaze was in very poor condition when seized by law enforcement one month ago. We are hopeful that she’s been able to provide everything this filly needed to develop well. Fingers crossed for a healthy foal! She looks just like Daddy.

August 5, 2013 – 60 days Assessment

Cheyenne has a healthy two month old colt and a body condition score of 5.2.

Impy/Impressive/Cowboy is looking much better and received a body condition score of 5.2.

Jazzy needs exercise & a diet! She received a 6.2 for her body condition score today.

September 13, 2013 – 100 day Assessment:

Blaze has a Henneke Body Condition Score (BCS) of 4.2. She is nursing a rambunctious filly, has a much healthier coat, has had dental care, hoof care, and kind handling. She will soon begin chiropractic care. Blaze will soon be adopted by a loving trainer from her past and her filly, Magnolia, will be adopted by a different local trainer. Mother & Daughter will not be weaned early.

Jazzy has a Henneke BCS of 6. Her coat is super shiny, her extensive skin infection is gone, and she’s frequently the first to the gate for attention. Jazzy has had vet care, hoof care, and is confirmed pregnant. She is available for adoption.

Cheyenne has a Henneke BCS of 6.5. She has a 3 month old healthy colt, a glossy coat, and excellent manners. Cheyenne has had dental care, hoof care, and daily handling. Cheyenne and her colt will soon be adopted by people who have come to visit her every day for more than two months.

Handsome has a Henneke BCS of 6.3. He has had hoof care and professional handling and will be gelded soon. Handsome has been a complete gentleman when being handled and has graduated to the training barn.