February is National Dental Month

HazMat-Thoroughbred-GeldingFebruary is National Dental Health Month and donations are currently needed to help fund this years annual dental exams for the horses at Mustangs To The Rescue.

“Regular dental care is important to the well being of all horses. It’s especially important that rescued horses are given a thorough dental examination because they often haven’t received proper dental care before arriving at our facility.” notes Kate Beardsley, Executive Director at Mustangs To The Rescue.

As with humans, horses benefit from having good dental care.  Dental disease can lead to pain, tooth loss, trouble digesting food and infection in other organs when bacteria from infected teeth and gums enter the blood stream and circulate throughout the body.

“Of course it depends on the needs of the actual horse. On average the cost of an annual dental exam for the horses in our care runs about $175” said Sandy Mayernik, Fundraising Coordinator for Mustangs To The Rescue.   “and because federal, state or local government funding is not available to rescues; funds for all of our expenses come from donations and money raised during fundraising events.”

You can help make a difference in the life of a rescued horse by donating today.


Mail your check to:
Mustangs to the Rescue
67717 Cloverdale Road
Sisters, OR 97759


stop in at any Mid Oregon Credit Union and make a donation to our account.


About Mustangs To The Rescue

Mustangs to the Rescue, a 501c3 non-profit, is an all breed equine rescue and rehabilitation organization, that focuses on giving horses (and their owners) the skills they need to ensure safe and secure homes.

Located in beautiful Central Oregon, just outside the town of Sisters, Oregon; Mustangs to the Rescue was founded in 2012 in order to provide the care, rehabilitation, training and rehoming of unwanted, abused and neglected horses. The average number of rescued horses at any time at Mustangs to the Rescue is around 20. Hundreds of horses have been saved, trained, housed and rehomed by the equine charity in the last two years.

Our Mission:

To help horses in need by providing positive options for both horses and their owners

To help our local community by providing horse owners and potential horse owners with assistance, educational opportunities and resources to ensure safe and secure homes for our equine partners

To assist local, state and federal agencies in managing horses and horse populations; wild or otherwise

To elevate the public’s view of wild horses by placing them in roles of servicesuch as Search and Rescue, Packing Services and Mounted Patrols