Equine Air Scent Clinic

At Mustangs to the Rescue we believe that by providing educational opportunities, for horses and and their owners, we can make a greater impact on the health and welfare of the horses in our community while enhancing the lives of people who benefit from these horses.

This is one such clinic:

Equine Air Scent Clinic
June 13 – 15, 2014

The ultimate in natural horsemanship! Yes, we use our horses to find lost persons through the sense of smell. But it’s really a great way to build your relationship by learning much more about what your horse is saying to you on a regular basis. Nothing beats the feeling of riding your horse hot on a scent. 

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Our educational opportunities include on-site training, clinics and seminars such as Basic Horsemanship, Barn and Equine Safety, Equine Body Language, Equine Sign Language, Equine Air Scenting, Pasture Management, Trail Course Practice and more!

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