CRR Residents Help Rescued Horses

By Kay Limbaugh, CRR Liaison to Mustangs to the Rescue

Crooked River Ranch residents have joined forces to support Mustangs to the Rescue (MTTR), a non-profit organization headquartered at Sky Hawk Ranch in Terrebonne. At a meeting June 30, eleven CRR residents, met with Kate Beardsley and Sandy Mayernik, two board members of MTTR. Since that meeting, Alice Stevens, Lotte Hermannsson, Rae Bordwell, Berta McBride and Kay Limbaugh have spent time at Mustangs to the Rescue cleaning the horses’ stalls, leading them to graze and giving them baths.


Mustangs to the Rescue’s mission is:

  • to provide positive options for horses in immediate need,
  • to help the local community by providing horse owners and potential horse owners with assistance, educational opportunities and resources to ensure safe and secure homes for our equine partners,
  • to assist local, state and federal agencies in managing horses and horse populations; wild or otherwise, and
  • to elevate the public’s view of horses, especially Mustangs, by placing them in roles of service such as Search and Rescue, Packing Services and Mounted Patrols.


CRR residents attending the meeting learned that MTTR offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities. Some require horse experience, but many do not. Ranging from working directly with the horses to general maintenance and specialized medical care to one-time assignments, volunteers fill out a crew application and attend an introductory orientation and training session prior to beginning their work. Volunteers who meet the requirements commit to a variety of schedules varying from a few hours per month to several days per week. MTTR also needs financial assistance which can be provided via PayPal to or to their account at any US Bank.


Any CRR resident interested in volunteering with Mustangs to the Rescue can contact Sandy or Teri at or contact CRR’s liaison to MTTR at Together CRR residents and MTTR can positively impact the lives of rescued horses.


For more information about MTTR, visit their Facebook page at or their website at