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Crew Member Orientation, Trainings & Meetings

While some Crew Members, because of interests and time constraints, focus solely on helping with special events or community service project, they are still expected to adhere to Mustangs to the Rescue’s policies. All Mustangs to the Rescue crew members must complete the orientation training unless the volunteer’s services are for a particular project and does not involve  Mustangs to the Rescue’s program work or handling of animals.  For example; you volunteer to repair broken gate, you do not need orientation training. Orientation training is a must for anyone wanting to help with chores, animal care or handling, public outreach or any event that involves  Mustangs to the Rescue representation.

All Crew Members working around the horses are required to complete orientation and training. Orientation and training can be held in one-on-one sessions or scheduled throughout the year, depending on need.

Orientation and training is necessary to keep both crew members and animals safe. It is the time for crew members to learn our policies, procedures and programs and determine how you can fit into our volunteer program. At orientation training will also get to know other volunteers and possibly Mustangs to the Rescue board members.

Realize that all Mustangs to the Rescue rules and regulations are established for a reason.  Mustangs to the Rescue may have certain policies and procedures with which you may disagree or which you may not understand. Crew Members are expected to cooperate and comply with all rules and regulations.

Consider safety first, at all times. You must be aware of safe horse handling techniques, first aid kit, and fire extinguisher locations. You must understand and follow all emergency procedures.

Be sure you understand the responsibilities, rules, safety & emergency procedures, and can articulate them to our guests.