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0What you can do:

  • Organize a fundraising event
    • Organize a Golf Tournament – Include title sponsor, tee sponsor, and raffle prize gifts. Charge each player to participate. Hold a barbecue and charge separately for that. 
    • Organize a motorcycle ride – entry fee can be a cash donation, bale of hay, or ??
    • Organize an Mustangs to the Rescue Informational Booth at horse shows, fairs and other outdoor events.
  • Help organize a fundraising event
  • Like our page on Facebook. Share the posts you are interested in. Sharing our work, advertising our many adoptable horses and letting people know about our fundraisers can make all the difference to the lives of the horses. Raising our profile through social networking contributes to raising dollars.
  • Purchase advertisement in the media for our organization, so we can reach more people
  • Provide connections to people or groups who might be willing to help
  • Ask you company if they have a donation matching program.  Many employers will match the donation you make to a chosen charity. Speak to your employer to see if they currently have a program that does this. If not, encourage them to start! Pass their details to us so we can make contact asking to be a preferred charity.
  • If you own a business, ask your vendors to donate products or services
  • Host a Party at Home  – Invite your friends to a themed party in your home. Decorate your home in line with your chosen theme. You could relate the theme to a seasonal sporting event like the Superbowl or the World Series. Serve themed food and ask your guests to wear appropriate costume. Sell raffle tickets and play themed games. Ask guests to make a donation to Mustangs to the Rescue, as a cover charge.
  • Next time you are at the feed/tack store, buy an extra and donate it
  • Horse Birthday/Adoption Party or Trail Ride – Have a fundraising birthday or adoption day party for your horse. Invite your friends. Choose a suitable date near your horse’s birthday or adoption day. Make sure it’s a date most of your friends will be available. Send invitations. Make sure you let people know it’s a fundraiser! Go for a trail ride or play games.. Have horse themed decorations for your party. Sell treats (both for the horse and the humans) and ask people to make donations to Mustangs to the Rescue in lieu of gifts.
  • Buy an Oregon lottery ticket and send it to us (unscratched!)
  • Sell Homemade Goods – Are you a great cook? Can you make beautiful handicrafts? Homemade gifts such as baked goods or handicrafts always sell well. If the goods are non-perishable contact us so we can advertise them through our Facebook page. You can also sell directly from a well-trafficked location or even your own yard. You can get a team together to organise a big sale or have a stall at a pre-existing event such as a local community sports game or parade. Make sure to have clear signs visible informing people that every dollar will go to the Mustangs to the Rescue.
  • Do you have a favorite Restaurant? Approach the owner or manager and ask them to hold a fundraiser for Mustangs to the Rescue, where a percentage of the profits are donated to Mustangs to the Rescue. We help promote the event through social media and our mailing list.  We’ve had great success with these in the past. Sell raffle tickets where people can win prizes donated by local business. More expensive items can also be auctioned off to participants. Hotel stays and restaurant meals always raise a lot of money.
  • Sponsor an Event – Reach thousands of animal lovers within the Mustangs to the Rescue community as an event sponsor and show your compassionate support of a worthy cause. With hundreds of supporters attending our popular events, we offer many opportunities to show your support! For more information or to discuss a community partnership with Mustangs to the Rescue, please contact
  • Organize your group to volunteer – Mustangs to the Rescue offers a limited number of volunteer work days at our facility for groups of 8-20 people. This is a great team building experience! To schedule a group project please contact
  • Donate to help offset expenses
  • Volunteer
  • Attend events
  • Sponsor someone to attend one of our events


“Heroes are not giant statues framed against a red sky. They are people who say; This is my community, and it’s my responsibility to make it better.” – Tom McCall