Are we movin’? – maybe yes, maybe no – but we’re lookin’!

As many of you know Sky Hawk Ranch (SHR), current home to Mustangs to the Rescue, is for sale. Good offers for Sky Hawk Ranch are pouring in and it’s just a matter of time before it sells.

indexWhile the TBD new owners may want us to stay, one offer requires the immediate departure of all horses & people. Our agreement with SHR allows for a sixty day vacate notice, so to be on the safe side we are looking for a new base of operations.

We’ve known this was a possibility since the beginning and while we will continue to care for the horses in our charge, we will look for a new home.

We ask that you keep your eyes and ears open and if you see, or hear, of any potential new location for MTTR, please have the interested person contact us.

The person(s) interested in starting a discussion should email

Thank you!