Adopted Equine Awards presented by Mustangs To The Rescue

Adopted Equine Awards
presented by Mustangs To The Rescue

Mustangs To The Rescue is proud to announce that we will be presenting High Point Awards for Adopted Equines at the Equine Community Resources’ Clippity-Clop To Snip ‘Em Off – 2nd Annual Benefit Trail Ride.

This new award aims to exhibit some of the many equines adopted from animal welfare charities and presents an excellent opportunity to let these once unwanted, neglected, abuse and/or abandoned equines shine.

The awards will be given to the high point adopted equine and rider combination of the day. The equine must be a equine adopted from a verifiable 501c3 rescue organization.


To qualify for the Adopted Horse Awards, participants must be able to show proof of adoption from a verifiable 501c3 rescue organization. All entries will be validated.

Competitors are asked to submit a brief written account of their equine’s rescue story (photographs may be included). All stories and photographs must be submitted either online or during the registration process at the event.  Deadline is one hour before the first competition/class on the day of the show.   These stories may be read during the classes.  Mustangs To The Rescue requests permission to use the stories and photographs for promotional purposes.  If you do not wish to allow the use of your story/photos for promotional purposes, please do so in writing. Declining permission does not affect your chances of winning awards.