Many Thanks

There are SO many people to thank who volunteer at Mustangs to the Rescue! Financial contributors, trainers, those who work with the horses, poop scoopers, handymen, grant writers, and many others. However there are a few that deserve special thank you’s. First is first, Kate Beardsley. Without Kate, there would be no MTTR. Kate is the most dedicated person I know. All the volunteers give something to MTTR, but Kate gives it ALL: Money, time, knowledge, talent, energy, strength, standard of living (most of you know what I mean) and emotional investment. And Anwen James is coming along right behind her, following in her footsteps. I doubt either of them would say they sacrifice for the horses, but they do. How many people would devote their lives to rescue horses? As a simple poop scooper (a necessary job, no doubt), I am amazed and in awe of all that Kate and Anwen accomplish every single day, whether the sun shines and the skies are blue or the snow and ice covers every inch of pasture. MTTR is incredibly blessed to have this kind of compassion and care in its arsenal of volunteers. I also thank Sandra Mayernik for her devotion, time, enthusiasm, ideas, vitality and organization. Sandy is consistently researching ways to help MTTR be bigger and better, and coming up with ideas to increase contributions, show a presence of MTTR in the community and to show-off the horses for adoption on the website. Lastly, I would like to say thank you to Sonja Chernishov. She is a dynamo and a doer! She takes on a huge amount of work and always gets it done, no matter WHAT it is! There is so much more I could say about all of these four women and as I write this, other volunteers come to mind, but this is enough for now. Suffice it to say that, although each and every volunteer is needed at MTTR, these four women I’ve named go “above and beyond” for MTTR and I thank God for each of them. ~¬†Aurelia Duke, Crew Member at Mustangs To The Rescue